Mixed green leafy salad with croutons and Caesar dressing
Sundried tomato and olive pasta with delicious dressing
Seasonal medley of mixed crispy salad tossed with garlic & pepper crush
Crunchy Waldorf salad with walnuts, celery, apple
Freshly made creamy rich traditional coleslaw
Baby potato salad with celery, onion, chives in whole-grain mustard mayo
Simply red beetroot and onion horseradish salad
Appetising tomato onion & basil drizzled with balsamic dressing
Potato & crunchy spring onion in creamy mayonnaise
Tasty vegetable pasta in honey and mustard dressing
Pepper and red onion fluffy cous cous salad
Mixed bean salad in tangy vinegraite dressing
Spicy baby Bombay potatoes together with apricot and mango chutney
Medley of cucumber, tomato, Feta cheese & olives in Greek dressing
Please speak to us if you have any allergies