The Young Ones

£ 6.50

Supplied in colourful meal box complete with:


Carton of apple/orange /Ribena

Bag of crisps – ready salted

Tasty sandwich triangles – cheese, ham, marmite, jam

Cocktail sausage

Golden chicken nugget

Mini sausage roll

Chunks of cheese and crunchy carrot

Handful of seedless grapes

Diddy cake/tasty biscuit

Cool Dudes

£ 6.50

Freshly prepared All About Taste finger buffet

Assortment of delicious sandwiches/traditional fillings

Bitesize chicken crunchies in crispy crumb

Cocktail sausages and ketchup dip

Pieces of pizza

Mini sausage roll

Savoury nibbles/crisps

Chunks of cheddar and fruit kebabs

The healthy option! – crunchy crudite with creamy dip

Selection of finger cakes/biscuits


Please speak to us if you have any allergies